Beauty Highlights January 2012

Here are my Beauty Highlights in January 2012

1. Nail polish from CATRICE

A wow-effect is guaranteed: ultimate intensity, ultimate shine and ultimate coverage! With just one stroke of the special professional brush, your nails will become this season’s ultimate high fashion accessory. The colours 620 (Captain Sparrow’s Boat) and 660 (I’m a Star) are absolutely high fashion in this season. Maybe it’s remind you of something!?
This Nail polish is Formaldehyde-free.

The cost is so low…only 2,45 EUR.

620 Captain Sparrow's Boat606 I'm a Star

2. ROUGE ALLURE VELVET – luminous matte lip colour.

ROUGE ALLURE VELVET creates another way to wear lipstick.
Velvety soft and more comfortable than any matte lipstick before, it adorns lips with deep colours and an intensely luminous matte finish.
As moisturising as a satiny lipstick, it feels as weightless as a second skin.

One click releases it from its black lacquered case.

40 La Sensuelle

3. Eyeshadow Prélude

The advanced texture and the multiple harmonies of LES 4 OMBRES allow you to create infinitely varied and sophisticated makeup effects: matt, powdered, satin, metallic and intense metallic.
LES 4 OMBRES eyeshadows are manufactured by a process exclusive to CHANEL, and combine originality and quality of materials.
The intensity and multiplicity of colour effects are due to the high concentration of mineral pigments used to obtain the required effects, matt, gloss or satin. The presence of purified oil gives great ease of application and the gloss effect.

The colour 33 Prélude is absolutely perfect for day and night. There are so many possibilities to use it…just try it!

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